This conceptual idea aims to represent “Sights Fall” as a place where the beauty of autumn landscapes is celebrated.

  1. Autumn Foliage: Create an illustration featuring colorful autumn leaves falling gently from a tree, forming the backdrop of the logo. This represents the beauty of fall.
  2. Elegant Typography: Use elegant and flowing typography for the words “Sights Fall,” with letters that mimic the graceful descent of leaves.
  3. Autumn Color Palette: Opt for an autumn-inspired color palette, including deep oranges, rich reds, and earthy browns to capture the essence of the season.
  4. Visual Balance: Ensure the logo maintains balance, with the falling leaves and text complementing each other in a visually pleasing way.
  5. Natural Elements: Integrate natural elements such as trees, acorns, or pumpkins to enhance the autumn theme.
  6. Visual Contrast: Make sure the logo offers a clear visual contrast between the falling leaves, natural elements, and the text for memorability.
  7. External Feedback: Seek external feedback to help refine and improve the logo.

Working with a professional graphic designer will help bring this concept to life effectively

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